Daycare & Pre-School Programmes by Age, Curriculum and Clubs

Playhouse Programmes by Age

At Playhouse the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum of England (UK) and is based on seven key areas of learning (more on the Parents Page):

1. Personal, social and emotional development;
2. Physical development
3. Communication and language
4. Literacy
5. Mathematics
6. Understanding the world
7. Expressive arts and design

Age: 3 to 23 months

“Butterflies” & Toddlers

a group of toddlers sitting together on the floor playing in the garden with their carers

Designed to develop their gross and fine motor skills, our educational play activities will prepare and nurture our small children for the “Just 2s” programme.

With our dedicated staff at hand, tender love and care will be given to ensure that they overcome the milestones ahead of them.


  • Communication
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Socialisation
  • Sharing

Age: 2 years of age

“Just 2s Programme”

milking the cow game with milk filled glove under a paper cow

This curriculum develops each child’s language, gross and small motor skills. Self-discipline, cooperation and creative expression are fostered through play activities. Exploration of manipulative toys, books, indoor and outdoor play, equipment and materials help develop the child’s curiosity, creativity and independence. Art and music experiences with a variety of materials are an integral part of the program.


  • Language and Communication
  • Gross and Small Motor-skills
  • Self-discipline
  • Cooperation
  • Creative Expression
  • Creativity
  • Independence
Clubs available for Just 2s
  • Little Book Lovers
  • French
  • Ballet or Martial Arts
  • Little Scientist Club
  • Arts & Crafts

Age: 3 years of age

“Just 3s Programme”

Little 3 year old girl is sitting on the floor painting a ball

The core of the 3 year-old curriculum is to experience maths, science and social studies, listening to stories, retelling events, dramatic play with puppets, playing dress up with prominent community helpers’ costumes, music and movement experience help the child develop concepts and language skills necessary for future learning.

A variety of play and art materials foster the development of the child’s fine motor and problem solving skills, and also enhance their sense of creativity and self-expression.


  • Listening
  • Recounting
  • Deepened Communication
  • Create Concepts
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Self-Expression
Clubs available for Just 3s
  • Little Book Lovers
  • French
  • Ballet or Martial Arts
  • Little Scientist Club
  • Arts & Crafts

Age: 4 years of age

“Just 4s Programme”

Two little girls showing one another and discussing their art work

An interesting and structured programme aimed at fostering and embedding literacy and mathematical skills. This is the age group where the actual pre-reading skills manifest and transform into rudimentary reading, it is planned around a rich theme “People of the World”. A host of memory building and critical thinking components are added to the curriculum to maximize creative expression, logical prediction, as well as problem solving.


  • Literacy and Mathematical Skills
  • Memory Building
  • Self-discipline
  • Critical Thinking
  • Maximise Creative expression
  • Logical Prediction
  • Problem Solving
Clubs available for Just 4s
  • Adventure Readers
  • French
  • Little Scientist Club
  • Ballet or Martial Arts
  • Arts & Crafts

Age: 5 years of age

“Just 5s Programme”

Little 3 year old girl is sitting on the floor painting a ball

Just 5s is a successful foundation programme, assisting each child in their unique way to enable them to transition into elementary school smoothly. This is a more structured programme that is aimed at consolidating their learning and creating opportunities for the children to begin elementary school in an environment that encourages exploration, imagination and refined literacy skills (building speech confidence, rich vocabulary, independent writing – sequencing sentences to create short stories, fantastic reading fluency and comprehension skills). Introduction to stronger team and individual projects and Basic ICT. This curriculum is project based, centering around STEAM.

The programme for this age group is planned around different themes termly such as: Transportation, Life Cycle or the Solar System.


  • Mental Mathematical Skills
  • Refined Literacy Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Public Speaking
  • Talent Actualization
  • Self-confidence
  • Safer Independence
Clubs available for Just 5s
  • Journal Club
  • French
  • Ballet or Martial Arts
  • Little Scientist Club
  • Arts & Crafts


Some club activities may change termly. Please ask our administrator for an up-to-date Club Schedule.

Book Clubs

Little Book Lovers (2 to 3’s)

We explore varying books, songs and rhymes to encourage the children to build new vocabularies and extend their vocal fluency.

Adventure Readers (mandatory for 4s)

Designed to help children develop early literacy as well as a love of reading that will last a lifetime. Offering book genres from adventure, imagination, diversity, science exploration and even dress-up costumes.


Journal Club

Journal Club (mandatory for 5’s)

Designed to encourage early writing skills through the design of their creative and personal journal.

Journaling is equally a great way to learn to record mindset and outcomes like gratitude, exercise, diet, emotions, sleep, dreams, invention ideas, future plans…all while getting ready for school success.

Arts & Crafts

Ages 2 to 5

Fun and engaging arts and crafts is a favourite club at Playhouse.

This club is designed to encourage children to understand the meaning of their imagination and learn to self-express their vision through easy, thought-provoking, and educational activities.

French Club

Ages 2 to 5

Fun interactive French course taught by an experienced French teacher.

We learn French basics designed to give a solid foundation of the French language while having fun.

Ballet Lessons

Ages 2 to 5

Exploring the art of ballet dance, taught by a professional ballet instructor.

Ballet instills a sense of discipline and teaches a child to follow instructions. Your child learns co-ordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion. It is exercise in disguise.

Martial Arts Lessons

Ages 2 to 5

Learning the basics of the Martial Arts taught by a professional Martial Arts instructor.

Martial Arts helps children with goal setting, determination, patience and dedication by having the opportunity to be certified through the different levels. It nurtures self-esteem and helps to build self-confidence, balance, co-ordination, discipline and courtesy.

Little Scientist Club

Ages 2 to 5

Little Scientist Club is a programme that brings excitement to the variety of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) topics designed to be delivered through stimulating, engaging and age appropriate experiments.

This sought after club develops a curiosity to answer many of the world’s most interesting questions.